Getting Your Small Business Online – Getting Online Cheap and Quick

New businesses are exciting, but also may require a lot of capital (money) to get off the ground. I’ve decided to post a few tips to get a new or existing business a strong online presence for a very low price.

Social Media

You might already be on social media, that will make many of these options easier. But even if you are not starting on social media won’t cost you anything but some time. All of my suggestions have the ability to set up a presence online. For starters make sure your profile has information that allows people to get to know your company and find contact information. I might not discuss all the popular sites, but we will look at the incredible usefulness of them in future posts.


Probably the largest and most diverse of the social sites Facebook has considerable resources for setting up a great presence for your customers to find your business online.


If you are the visual type, Instagram revolves around images can really appeal to customers. Let your inner artist out posting images to show off your business.


Twitter, the platform that is based on short text posts can actually be set up as a web presence. Your profile allows a short bio, link to a website, or other social presence. The site also allows posting of text, images, and links.

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